Monday, 2 May 2011

A Royal Wedding, a village, and a party with a potent (Courvoisier) punch

Take one memorable Royal Wedding. Add a village in deepest Kent, a generous offer from the nice people at Courvoisier, and a gathering of folk quick to recognise a chance for a party when they see one.

Place all ingredients in a good-sized village hall. Mix well. Stand back, and let the fun commence...

the goodies arrive...

Royal Wedding party 2

... along with the top-secret recipe...

Royal Wedding party 1

dress code...

Royal Wedding party 3

the hall gets a makeover...

Royal Wedding party 4

... and the newly-weds put in a guest appearance. Honest.

Royal Wedding party 5

the stage is set...

Royal Wedding party 6

... while, backstage, things are looking promising...

Royal Wedding party 7

... and there's time for a couple of trial cups...

Royal Wedding party 8

... which seem to go down pretty well...

Royal Wedding party 9

... and why stop at a cup or two when you can have an entire bottle?

Royal Wedding party 10

thankfully, a dashing manservant is on hand to make sure the punch is shared around...

Royal Wedding party 11

the village hall quickly starts filling up...

Royal Wedding party 12

... and our immaculate MC announces the arrival of....

Royal Wedding party 13

... YES! The fish and chip van! Cue frenzied queueing!

Royal Wedding party 14

... and tough decisions. Ketchup, tartare sauce, or both?

Royal Wedding party 15

'Can I nick your chips?'

Royal Wedding party 16

No time to digest, as the disco cranks up...

Royal Wedding party 19

... Camilla puts in an appearance...

Royal Wedding party 20

... and there's yet another chance for an all-important photoshoot...

Royal Wedding party 21

... or a spot of dodgy Dad* dancing... (*not mine)

Royal Wedding party 22

... before, all too soon, the night comes to a glorious, riotous end, marked by that well-known hymn to sobriety, YMCA.

Royal Wedding party 23

And I'm pleased to say that there are rumours that we'll be doing it all over again soon. Diamond Jubilee, anyone? BRING IT ON.


things we make said...

How absolutely fabulous! I know how hard it can be to get a village involved in an event, but that one looks just perfect. Quite jealous. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Su-Lin said...

Brilliant! I love how the wedding brought the whole village together!

Cakelaw said...

Looks like it was fun! Ininderstand that quite a few people here had parties - though sadly not my crew.

Gin and Crumpets said...

Excellent bunting, just excellent.

Sarah said...

Looks like one heck of a good time!

Foodycat said...

Your village sounds so brilliant - that looks like so much fun! Was anyone still standing after that punch?

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Claire - it was, and they did ;)

Su-Lin - yes, it certainly did

Cakelaw - this particular village is always up for a party, thankfully! The least excuse... ;)

Gin and Crumpets - thought you'd approve

Sarah - it was :)

Foodycat - it was quite alarming how quickly that punch went down... It, er, certainly got the party going!

Nic said...

It looks like you have really settled in! The punch looks like a killer!!! (But what a wonderful way to go, lol)

Geralyn Supple said...

Looked like a barrel of fun. But I would never sully an exception drink like Courvoisier with lemonade. But that's just me.

Fae said...

So it looks like Dover has a soul, afterall.

DeeAZ said...

Using Courvoisier for punch seems like a waste of good brandy to me! but I'm sure is greatly improve upon the lemonade.

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