Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Feting the feta: a slice of Ottolenghi magic

Quick post again, as the house refurb drags on...

I should have posted about this yonks ago, like last year when I first made it. I didn't because the photo was taken only as a hasty afterthought, isn't very good (and, worse still, betrays my laziness when lining tins), and doesn't remotely do the food justice.

Ottolenghi cheesecake

But the 'cheesecake' is just so darn good, and our current spell of fabulous weather so utterly perfect for it (lunch al fresco, anyone?), that it would be wrong of me to neglect it any longer.

Like most (all?) of Ottolenghi's recipes, it is a work of genius. The main ingredients are simple and, of themselves, unspectacular (aubergines, feta, tomatoes). But combine them with some Ottolenghi magic, and you have something altogether quite wonderful.

I served it up to a party of 10, of whom one was a professed vegetarian. Needless to say, all the carnivores tucked in, too, and everyone fought for the crumbs. I won't make that mistake again. I'll be making two. I might even make it the centrepiece. It really is that good.