Saturday, 13 June 2009

a little piggy... and a special bar of chocolate

I have always loved food. I was especially known for it at university, where my passion for puddings in particular was, erm, legendary. (Perhaps I should rename this blog?) As a result, the p-i-g word was sometimes bandied around by my dear friends from time to time. I exacted my revenge by swiping their desserts. And no, nobody took offence. Those were the days. Happy, innocent, student days.

These days, I can't eat the quantities I used to, so I focus on the quality instead. (No sniggering at the back there, please.) And for those of you who have been following this blog for a while (thank you, btw), you'll know that great chocolate has been my most recent obsession.

So it won't come as any surprise to you to learn that I've been back to lovely Rococo again, this time for a 'learn how to make the best chocolate mousse ever' workshop. And I did.

The stupid thing is that I didn't take my camera. Which was all the more stupid given that Rococo's owner, and goddess of all things chocolate, Chantal Coady, and I got into a conversation about pocket digital cameras and macro lenses.

But anyway...

I came away, having had another great time, with 2 tubs full of mousse - one made with dark chocolate and eggs, and the other made with milk chocolate and cream. Both delicious in their different ways, with very different textures to boot. I also got a quick lesson from Laurent (Prof Choc) in how to make accompanying almond tuiles, and took a tub of my tuile 'mix' from the day home, too. At some point in the next few weeks, I shall organise a chocolate-pudding guzzling party, and get the whole lot out. I shall, of course, be the only invitee. ;-)

But no visit to Rococo is complete without taking away some chocolate.

So, to fit the mood, I bought...

rococo pig

Apt, no?

And the bar in the foreground? Well, that's something very special indeed. Let me show you just how special...

gold frankincense and myrrh bar

Arguably more appropriate at Christmas, but some things just aren't worth being pedantic about.

I should really add a rave review at this point, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. But I will, I promise. Soon. And I'll let you know.

In the meantime, there'll be a slight pause here. I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks, and won't have access to technology.

But I'll be back as soon as I'm back. If you see what I mean.

AFoS xx


Manggy said...

Aaah! No piccies? But you brought the finished product home! Heh. Anyway, I think I'm partial towards cream-based mousses, but I also think the last time I made a meringue-based mousse, the foam wasn't so great, but there's also that factor of having to add sugar when I think chocolate is sweet enough or doesn't need to be sweeter. Have a great holiday!

Disturbing/apt word verification: dylickin

Pia K said...

To forget the camera! Gosh that's borderline a mortal sin, you know? (As for pocket cameras and macro lenses, my view is that my pockets have been way better than the average SLR lens - and as I do find other lenses more interesting on a want-to-have-list than a proper macro lens I can't see myself spalshing out on one in a foreseeable future...)

The choc mousse with cream sounds just up my alley! Not fond of eggy stuff. The pig is adorable and I hope you're not planning on eating it - unless very desperate of course.

Happy holidays!

Chow and Chatter said...

great blog, yummy chocies

Foodycat said...

Gold, frankinscence and myrrh? Oh wow! Although I would fear that it would taste like a hippy shop.

Johanna said...

hmmm I think I could hold a chocolate pudding guzzling party for one as well

♥Rosie♥ said...

Glad to hear you've been back to Rococo again but oh I am SO envious ;0)

michelle @ TNS said...

you should know better than to go anywhere near food without a camera.

thanks for the reminder that i haven't made chocolate mousse in forever. i have to get on that before the weather gets any hotter and it becomes inappropriate.

screw that last part. chocolate mousse is never inappropriate.