Friday, 4 July 2008

So, Luxembourg...

So, anyway, we went to Luxembourg. Met up with an old (as in long-known, not aged) and very dear friend. Had an ace time. Didn't do any high-end, Michelin dining (Mr. Bank Manager, please take note) but did partake of some rather yummy food and drink nevertheless.

Oh, you want to see?

Rightio. Here are a few tasty little samples for you to be going on with:

Lux cakes 1

Mmmm. Cakes. Behind glass. Must get self on other side of glass.

'croque monsieur'

'Croque monsieur' (so where's the bechamel, then?). And beer. Natch.

cherry tart

A very, very delish cherry tart. And cappuccino. Not beer.

eclair and hot choc

A very, very delish chocolate cream-filled chocolate eclair. With hot chocolate, obvy.

cheese plate

Fab cheese plate. The uber-runny one was arguably the best. Oh, and that's some Moselle with that.

cheese selection

I'm glad I don't shop here. Really. I'd spend the entire week just choosing what to buy.

Lux beer

If in doubt, order some more beer.

Lux fish

Your cat's best friends.


Big, fat sea crustacea.


The best tartines. Ever. Beef carpaccio with pesto + parmesan, cream cheese + chives, and smoked salmon.

meringue 1

No, you're not seeing things. It's a meringue as big as a dinner plate. Why, I have no idea.

meringue 2

Breaking and entering.

meringue 3

Breaking and entering some more.

La Table du Pain cakes

Rustic cakes. At La Table du Pain. Behind glass again.

rustic bread

Rustic bread. In arty black and white.

chilled Moselle

Chilled Moselle. Yes, we drank quite a lot, thanks.

BBQd sardines, Lux

BBQd sardines. On a stall in the Portuguese quarter on National Day.


Mettwurst. Or hot dog, to you. Also part of National Day excesses. Face pixelled out to protect the guilty.

So there we have it.

Four days in Luxembourg, doing not a great deal of note other than eating. And occasionally quenching our thirst.

Some holidays are tough like that.


Peter M said...

The cheese display, the array of fish and seafood - your samplings of food...little Luxembourg packs a food punch.

Next time un-pixel yourself! ;)

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Lux is indeed a heavyweight puncher in the food stakes. It has more Michelin stars per square mile than any place in the world.

And the pixel-face is my partner in crime, not me!

Manggy said...

Gosh, I'm too busy trying to sort out which cake is what! That is fantastic. And the TART! Oh Lordy, the tart. I'm getting a hankering for one now. And maybe a hotdog, too. Plus an ├ęclair. (Froths at the mouth)

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Yuuummm!! I want it all, gotta get myself back to Lux:)

White On Rice Couple said...

What an amazing trip and eating fest!
The dessert's look phenomenal, I'm just drooling over my computer now.
Now that tart...oh the've got me hooked!

Helen said...

Oh wow. I need to visit. Fabulous photos and that cheese! Oh, the cheese.....the bread.....the beer! That cherry tart looks pretty special too - and the eclair. Drool.

glamah16 said...

It all looks so good. Especially those Tartins. You ate well being good to your budget!

Pannifer's said...

I've never been to Luxembourg, but I'm adding it to my list!

Such gorgeous photos!

Heather said...

Gah, I'm just sitting here in a pile of green jealousy that you all in the Isles can just hop a train or whatever and be in Luxembourg for the weekend. I can hop a train to Vancouver, BC but it's not really like a foreign country if they speak the same language as you! And besides, BC is still the Pacific NW so they eat the same shit we do. Sigh.

One day I'll make it out there and train-hop my way to obesity, you just wait.

Anonymous said...

for me, heaven would be that cheese shop!

Johanna said...

now i am sitting at work wishing I was in Luxemborg with miles of cheeses and breads and cakes spread before me - sounds like wonderful holiday and I love your arty bread pic!

Lizzie said...

Wow - I never knew Luxembourg was such a foodie-rich place. That cheese looks amazing.

Pia K said...

Why is it, that there seems like such a plethora of food devoured when we start taking pictures of it... Even if my palate wouldn't be happy about everything in the pics I sure wouldn't mind some odd piece of those cakes... Lovely photos and what a great trip you had!

Bellini Valli said...

It is tough but someone has to do it:D

Rebecca (Foodie With Family) said...

Oooooh. Tartines and real, honest-to-goodness runny cheese (that is illegal here thanks to the food police.) I miss Europe.

maybelles parents said...

It is amazing. I have no idea about Luxembourg. My fave is the cherry tart.

Kate / Kajal said...

Woa ... thats a whole lotta food !
and also a whole lot of dessert for consumption by 2 people , what an insanely huge meringue ! The eclair looks just perfect .... n you've very successfully got my mouth watering now :P
lovely pictures ... thnx for sharing !

nicisme said...

It all looks fantastic, I'd love to go there after seeing these photos!

Dhanggit said...

i've never been to luxembourg, thanks to these photos it gave me a lot of reason to go there :-) all your photos are so yummy

Nick said...

holy cow, that's a lot of cheese! Get those cakes away from me, I've been seeing way to much (cup)cakes recently due to PBE #3 (whose results will be up shortly) and I can't resist any longer, I need some! The food looks incredible and your pictures are outstanding.

Kevin said...

That is a lot of great looking food!

David Hall said...

Looking good! But no Michelin dining? Not like you!


Andrew said...

love that black and white shot of the bread.

That cheese selection reminds me of my trip to KaDeWe in Berlin the other week - where on earth do you start?


who needs a kitchen!

cook eat FRET said...

i am so incredibly jealous
america can be such a wasteland...

Anonymous said...

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